Welcome to the Nourished Roots Intuitive Healing Services! My name is Forever and a Day Bio Photo SmallSumer Christine Zachary and I have been studying Tarot Cards and spirituality for over sixteen years.    From April to October I read Tarot for passerbys in Pack Square in PS hand shakedowntown Asheville, NC amongst the street musicians and performers. If its a warm and dry day, I come out from 7pm to 10pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. When I read Tarot in public spaces, I love to integrate performance art, costumes, props and story telling into my readings. Please feel free to book your Tarot Reading in advance. To read about my travel adventures with Tarot, street performance, and workshops check out my Blog. Its an amazing gipsy life!  I am also available for private healing sessions, parties and workshops in Asheville, Atlanta and other nearby cities.  I provide Skype or phone sessions from anywhere in the world.  

My Healing Services

Tarot Readings will help you journey to the very root of your unique essence to deeply heal and nourish your whole self. My sessions can assist you in greeting negative judgments with tender Sumer with her full set-upcompassion and forgiveness in order to truly heal old wounds. Divination will connect you with your intuition to help you determine what it is that you truly want, need and feel so that you can make decisions from a place of deep knowing and trust. My Readings will help you brainstorm practical ideas of how to integrate more peace, love and connection into your life.

During a Tarot Reading, you may identify certain life challenges. Spell Altars and Vision Boards help you manifest what you most need and want into your life.

I also use Numerology and Archetypes to give in-depth dream interpretations. Sacred Ritual is an incredibly powerful way to honor the beginning or ending of a phase in life. The ritual that we co-create can integrate art, Flower Essences, crystals, herbs and many other healing modalities. 

Tarot for Parties and Events

Tarot Readings are incredibly versatile and sensitive to the Harrah's Tableintention of the practitioner. They can be shortened and can range in intensity from life changing to jovially informative. Reading Tarot at parties and special events is deeply fulfilling to me because I love to design my costumes and create a delightfully mysterious atmosphere of fun. I like to surprise party-goers with my accurate, fun and empowering messages.

Thanks for visiting the Nourished Roots! If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

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