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"Sumer is an extraordinarily gifted reader. She is highly intuitive and insightful. Some of her insights will leave you floored! I have been going to her for readings for over two years now and I am never disappointed."


"Sumer helped me discover my inner power and connect with my greater life purpose. Her reading gave me the courage to finally create the female empowerment movement I have always wanted to start. Shortly after  I followed her financial advice, I began making more money than I ever expected to be able to make!"



"Thank you for an amazing reading! I was in a very confused and dark place when I came to you for advice. You helped me understand the emotional work I needed to do in order to find more clarity in my life. You also shed a lot of light for me about some practical decisions I needed to take care of. The session was more helpful than traditional psychotherapy!"


"Sumer is the best Tarot reader I have ever worked with. She is dead on accurate but also kind and gentle. Don't pass up the chance to get a reading with her!"


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"I have had several Tarot readings with Sumer Zachary, and I must say that each reading has given me wonderful insight and direction. She has a talent for explaining how the Tarot is trying to communicate its guidance."

-Jes G


"Thank you Sumer! Your readings always give me just the advice I needed in order to meet my challenges! Your sessions always bring me a sense of freedom and wisdom."



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