Tarot Readings

A Tarot Reading will enable you to make sense of why things in the past happened the way they did, and what you can change in your present life to get what you need and want in the future.  IMG_1271My Readings will tell you what might be likely to happen IF you continue along your current path of acton and behavior. However, free will is of course ever present and you are in ultimate control of your life. My clients often remark that our sessions deeply validated their own feelings and needs. Human personalities are made of several different dissodent parts, including our inner child and the internalized voices of our parents and loved ones that reinforce certain value systems or judgments.  Tarot Readings help you to identify and communicate with all your parts, but to also dig deeper and  listen for the most earnest cravings of your Highest Self.  Thus, I can help you make pure decisions from the Heart of Who You Are.  You will leave feeling empowered to integrate positive and practical solutions into your life. During  your initial Tarot Reading, we will identify several positive steps you can take to help you overcome life's challenges and attain your goals. I regularly integrate astrology, flower essences, herbal and crystal medicine as well as holistic lifestyle advice into my readings. 

Readings for Children and Groups

I absolutely treasure the Tarot sessions I have had with children and the valuable insight that they gleaned for both themselves and their families.

Relationship Readings as well as Group Readings provide penetrating insight into the complicated dynamics of vastly diverse human personalities. These Readings help my clients travel beyond blame and criticism and journey to the very root of conflict in order to find the path to peace and renewed connection.

I am also available to read Tarot for special events such as private parties and corporate events!

Price: Individual and Couple Readings are $30 for a 1/2 hour and $60 for 1 hour. Readings for 3 or more people are $100 an hour. I am willing to travel, but addition fees for gas may be applicable.

The Next Steps

Tarot Readings can help you identify things in your life that you would like to either get rid of or increase the influence of. Vision Boards and Spell Altars take you past the process of analyzing the problem and up to the manifestation level, where real change happens. These "spells" can take the form of intensely creative altars, collages or even a pieces of jewelry. Many of my clients  like to get Readings when they are facing critical life transitions. It is always wonderful to commemorate these major events in life with a Sacred Ritual. Ritual is a fantastically powerful means to celebrate important milestones in life and/or create a sense of closure when a phase of life has come to an end.          

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