Sacred Rituals

Rites of passages and rituals are events that most religious traditions integrate into their belief systems. For example, if a family member passes away, you have a funeral for them.  However, since people are increasingly becoming more spiritual and less religious, traditional rituals have gone by the wayside. I believe that celebrating and honoring our major life transitions is an intrinsic humans need.

From a Ritual for Baby's Safe Birth

Together we can co-create a ritual for any occasion, whether it be for a group or just for you. We can create a rite of passage celebration for a child's birth, or a private New Moon ritual to symbolize a creative birth were a new journey in life is about to be embarked upon. My clients have found that rituals create a sense of closure after a loved one has passed or help them to release and let go of a relationship or pattern of behavior that no longer serves them. I love to integrate art, Tarot, dance, music, crystals, aromatherapy, magical herbs and flower essences into rituals, but the design is completely up to you. I believe that holding Sacred Ritual in nature increases its power. I am also skilled at collaborating with planetary and astrological forces to optimize the manifestation potential of ritual. Price: $60 an hour for individuals, and $100 for groups. This Includes a consultation fee, but supplies are separate. I am willing to travel a fair distance, but addition fees for gas may be applicable.

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