Manifestation Spells

Tarot Readings are wonderful for resolving core conflicts and identifying proactive solutions, while Manifestation Spells help you turn your desires into reality. Therefore, the spells work best when done in coordination with a Tarot Reading.

Vision Boards

Vision Boards are art collage spells that integrate images that represent what you want to manifest in life. When we co-create a Vision Board, you will focus your intention on your personal desires and needs through ritual and prayer. 2014-04-19 17.51.48Thus, your intentions become a powerful spell. Your Vision Board will serve as physical reminder of the new reality you are creating. This is perfect for individuals and groups that love to get artsy and paint!

Spell Altars

A Spell Altar is created with Tarot Cards, aromatherapy, astrological symbols, sacred plants, flowers, crystals and other Part of aTarot Alter for Baby's Safe Birthitems of personal meaning to you. This altar can be set up in your home, workplace or garden and is created to help manifest your desires. Tarot Altars  focus your intentions and serve as a sacred affirmation that your prayers are being answered. This is a perfect addition to any Tarot Reading because  it becomes a visual reminder of positive solutions to the challenges that might have come up during your session. Price: Both are $60 an hour for individuals, and $100 for groups. This includes a consultation fee, but not supplies. I am willing to travel a fair distance, but addition fees for gas may be applicable.  

A Note on Art, Spells and Ritual

All our personal desires and needs exist in the watery realm of the subconscious far before they become known to us on the conscious level. Art is the very sacred process by which we connect and communicate with our cerebral self and subconscious to draw out our deepest desires. The creative process is the bridge between the sacred and the mundane, the subconsious and the conscious. Thus, creating ritualistic art is a prayer and spell that will assist you in grounding your desires into physical reality so that they can actually manifest.

Please note, I am ethically bound by the Wiccan Rede that states, "An ye harm none, do as ye will." Therefore, I will not create spells that would interfere with another person's free will or "curses."

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