The Nourished Roots Intuitive Healing Services is located in Asheville, NC. I am available for brief Tarot readings in Pack Square in downtown Asheville from April to mid October, weather permitting. My hours are from 7pm to 10pm Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The atmosphere in downtown Asheville is festive and bohemian and there are often musicians and street entertainers, such as jugglers or mimes, performing for passerbys. Pack Square is just as lively and I often read Tarot in costume or integrate a little bit of performance art into my readings. Come visit me! 2014-06-27 18.57.20 If you are interested in working with me within a deeper healing and transformative capacity, I suggest that you book a private reading. I am also available for private sessions, special events and workshops in other nearby cities as well as phone/video sessions from anywhere in the world.For more about my healing sessions please visit my Tarot Readings page or contact me.        

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