Dream Interpretations

When we are asleep, our intuition and subconscious communicate to us through the cerebral language of symbols and archetypes. 2014-01-29 17.41.49With a little practice, we can divine what the deepest, most aware part of ourselves is yearning to tell us. It is crucial for us to listen to our dreams because they can help us realize how we unconsciously feel about aspects of our lives and thus assist us in making decisions that our rational mind is too afraid to confront in the waking realm. Your most important dreams are often the re-occuring ones that you can not understand the significance of. However, once you understand the message, your subconscious does not have to keep repeating itself. During a Dream Interpretation Session, I work with symbols, numerology and archetypes within the collective unconscious to help you analyze your dreams and connect with your intuition. I can also help you find crystals and herbs to  assist you in connecting with the dream realm. Price: $30 for a 1/2 hour and $60 an hour. I am willing to travel, but addition fees for gas may be applicable.  

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